Chicago Team Building Programs

I got a call yesterday from an event planner on the west coast who was looking for Chicago team building programs with a corporate social responsibility component. I was surprised when she mentioned there weren’t too many choices that seemed dynamic and also incorporated CSR for Chicago team building. Of course I think my company’s program is kinda special, but it got me to thinking about what else is out there.

Chicago Team Building Programs

Team Building Through Song® is the center of my own work, and our new Chicago office is keeping us very busy. So of course, we’re here! But you need to consider several options in order to make an informed decision about team building. The Windy City Field House is a center for Chicago team building programs with several fun options. The Chicago Trapeze School offers corporate team building. In fact, I’d like to try Trapeze for my own company’s annual retreat – it just seems like fun. Choose Chicago is a good resource for more team building ideas.

How To Choose Effective Team Building

The first thing I ask potential clients is to think about why they want to commit resources for team building. Both time and money are valuable and it’s great to understand your goals to help you decide what kind of team building will be  a great fit for your organization. Some groups have members who are intimidated by physical activity and that will rule out strenuous physical activity for team building. If you’re planning a Chicago team building program for January, you probably don’t want to be outside! So narrow your choices by defining who your group is and then think about what your goals are.
Chicago team building programs

Team Building Goals

Here’s a list of what clients most typically describe as their goals. They’re all valid and worth considering as you decide what to choose.

  • We just want to have fun
  • We need to mend fences, and get back in sync
  • We’re celebrating a successful year
  • We want an activity that will help us understand our mission and who we are

Whatever your goals are,  take time to understand them and find a program that fits. This is your best way to pick from the great Chicago team building programs available. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch!


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