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Team Building Activities

My assignment for today is general and I don’t like that. Team Building Activities is a broad term, almost too broad to elicit the kind of thought and emotion that inspires creative process. So I thought I’d take today’s blog assignment of ‘team building activities’ and use the challenge to show how we create team building songs with our clients. Creative Inspiration and Team Building Activities Our passion here at Kidbilly Music is helping people harness their innate creative ability to enhance their daily lives. Creative process involves experimentation, trial and error. There are creative team building activities like Lego play that allow groups to be creative while exploring their organizational experience. There’s also Team Building Through Song®. The teamContinue Reading

The Team Building Presentation You Want

This is sort of a paradox to me, the concept of a team building presentation. You see, I’m not a big fan of presentations as such. I get fidgety easily. I want to be engaged and entertained. But during a typical team building presentation I’m usually merely a passive recipient of information. I confess, I titled this blog post The Team Building Presentation You Want to suck you in and then tell you this…what you don’t want for team building is a presentation! The Team Building Presentation You Don’t Want Have you ever had to sit through a colleague’s presentation that went sort of like this, “Ladies and gentleman I’ve done some research, stayed up all night and created thisContinue Reading

Teambuilding Music

When most people think of teambuilding music they think of songs they can use for motivation, conference programming or background music. But teambuilding music is also the foundation of several well regarded event and training programs. Whether you’re using well-known songs to enhance your programming, or creating your own songs through a team building exercise, it’s worth your time to think about the value of music and how you’ll use it. Teambuilding Music For Mood And Motivation My wife and I went to a retirement event last weekend for a friend of ours. Whoever put the slide show together did a fantastic job of choosing the music. During the opening segment, as pictures of our friend as a child flashedContinue Reading

Using Music As Energizers

I’ve recently noticed an uptick in the number of conferences and group events that are looking for an energizer to get their attendees focused and ready to go. So I thought I’d explain how we’re using music as energizers at Kidbilly Music. A Conference Needs An Energizer The first question to answer is why a conference needs an energizer of any kind. The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.  – Carl Jung. Most of us plan conferences to achieve some type of transformation – an exchange of energy and forward movement. If you choose a great conference energizer, you’ll be well on your way toward achievingContinue Reading

Corporate Team Building Activities New York

Every region has it’s own unique program offerings, influenced by local culture. Corporate team building activities New York are varied with lots of great options. We recently led a team building program for  L’Oreal North American Operations in the New York tri-state area and it was one of the more memorable team building events we’ve done. Eight songwriters and myself led close to three hundred people. We broke into teams and created nine unique songs about this company’s experience. Corporate Team Building Activities New York Goals This group of company leaders wanted an activity that would enable them to celebrate success while illuminating facets of their work and their role within the larger organization. They wanted to share their organizationalContinue Reading

Songs And Activities That Teach Team Building

While my company’s team building programs are a great catalyst for change we’re honest about something very important. A one day team building program won’t change your corporate culture for the long run. To make change last you need to integrate songs and activities that teach team building into your ongoing business culture. Songs And Activities That Teach Team Building Here’s a good summary of differences between facilitated team building and activities you can lead yourself at any time. If you’re hiring a team building company it’s important to establish your goals before you dig into what kind of team building you want to do. Aligning your goals with your program is vital. For DIY team building you don’t needContinue Reading

Team Building Chicago

I’m so excited that the opening of our Kidbilly Music Chicago office is almost upon us. The timing’s perfect as a follow up to the great experience we had at the recent Choose Chicago event in which we presented team building Chicago program offerings. The reception we got was so enthusiastic. In response to the questions we received from Chicago event planners, I thought I’d share some answers about our music team building programming below. Team Building Chicago Program Offerings Team Building Through Song® anchors our range of programs. Everything we do revolves around music, song, story and organizational engagement. Every organization has a story to tell. We help our clients create meaningful messages about the work they do andContinue Reading

Corporate Team Building Exercises You Can Try

How would you like to get your team inspired and more comfortable in the workplace? Corporate team building exercises are a great way to get people to relate to each other in a relaxed way. And the best team building exercises will inspire your workforce to be more engaged and innovative. Fun Corporate Team Building Exercises Fun = Engagement. When we’re having fun, we’re disarmed, not thinking too hard – we’re in the moment. I don’t think a team building exercise without fun is effective. When we facilitate our musical team building programs, our clients always begin with trepidation. As hit songwriters we’re comfortable making music and brainstorming. We begin our session already warmed up. But we know the participantsContinue Reading

Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building Activities

Most companies know that giving back to community is more than just a responsibility, it’s a chance to show that the company and it’s employees genuinely care about being part of community. It’s great when you can plan corporate social responsibility team building activities that are really fun. It’s impactful when people are enthused about the activities they’re participating in. It’s great to plan a CSR event with team building that supports both your organization and the greater community. Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building Activities If you’ve ever considered CSR team building, I’m sure you know about build-a-bike. The program’s been around for some time now. It’s real team building because groups have to work together to build bicycles, requiringContinue Reading

Corporate Event Ideas

Coordinating an event for your team or business isn’t an easy task. In fact, taking the steps from informal brainstorming to planning and executing a company retreat or convention can be daunting. The first step is to decide you’re going to hold an event. Assuming you’ve done this, you need plans to ensure there will be ROI for your time and investment. To be successful you’ll need to find solid corporate event ideas you can bring to your event planning group. Choosing A Theme Will Help As a hit songwriter, I learned a long time ago that a hook (or theme) is very important. The hook is the the catchy thing, usually the song title, repeated in the chorus. WhileContinue Reading